10 May 2017

With only four weeks to go until the UK votes for its next government, YMCA is calling on candidates across the political spectrum to “put youth first” with its election manifesto.

Inspired by discussions with young people across England, Scotland and Wales, YMCA’s manifesto brings together more than 40 recommendations that it believes will improve the lives of young people and communities.

Recommendations span access to housing, mental health support, jobs and education and highlight what matters most to the young people of the country in 2017.

Kerry Reilly, Chief Executive of YMCA Scotland, said: “YMCAs work in 120 communities across Scotland and 740 communities across England and Wales and, as such, we know first-hand what young people are going through and what the next government needs to do to improve their lives and prospects.

 “Young people have told us what must change to give them the best start in life and we call on the next government to sit up and listen. Without access to secure housing, meaningful careers, improved training and better mental and physical health support we fear this generation will be left behind as Brexit negotiations and policies to favour other age groups are prioritised.

 Whilst some of the issues are devolved to the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly, they remain important challenges for young people across the UK.  From the outset YMCA wanted to present a manifesto which truly reflected the feelings of the young people we serve. ”

YMCA General Election Manifesto 2017