The YMCA is an inclusive Christian youth organisation, open to people of all faiths and none and we work to transform the lives of children and young people, empowering them to create positive change in their lives and communities. We seek to work with all children and young people in an non-judgemental and supportive manner.


Founded in 1844 in London, the YMCA has grown to become a global youth work organisation operating in 119 countries reaching 58 million people. From its inception in Scotland it spread rapidly with 62 associations established by 1876.Throughout the war years YMCA became well known for supporting families and those returning home from the front. In addition the British movement ran over 10,000 centres offering comfort, postal services and support to soldiers in the trenches during WW1.

A group of young people from the YMCA in Scotland are currently undertaking a Heritage Lottery funded project to gather stories and memories of the YMCA in Scotland. If you would like to contribute click below:

YMCA Memories