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10 October 2016

Shannon’s Story

In your community, maybe even in your street, there are troubled young people with nobody in their lives to support them except paid professionals: their teachers, social workers, police and the courts. Shannon, whose story is below, is one of them. Children like 10 year-old Shannon get labeled ‘problem children’. But at YMCA we see the potential, not […]

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6 June 2016

YMCA Scotland Announces launch of Voice website.

To mark our 172nd Birthday and to coincide with the World YMCAs World Challenge 2016, YMCA Scotland has launched its YMCA Voice Website   YMCA Scotland decided it wanted to provide a space for the issues that young people face and a way for their voices to be heard. Often young people’s voices are too […]

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24 May 2016

YMCA Scotland World Challenge

The project: YMCA Scotland VOICE  is creating a website full of voices. Not just any voices, the unheard voices of young people across Scotland. The YMCA Voices World Challenge project is being launched alongside the World YMCA’s wider challenge to give young people a voice. We are putting together a contributions blog to tell the world […]

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