YMCA programmes

YMCA works with over 15,000 different young people across Scotland each year supporting them to achieve their fullest potential in life. YMCA is a community-based youth charity that believes in providing long term support to vulnerable young people to the point where they can stand on their own feet and thrive.



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Youth Justice

Many of our YMCAs seek to prevent young people from wasting their lives by becoming involved in crime. Once embroiled in the criminal justice system it becomes far more difficult to set a young person back onto the path of achieving their full potential.  As such YMCA focuses mainly upon preventative programmes and early intervention that will prevent this direction of travel for those vulnerable young people deemed to be at risk.

Working with partners in Scottish Government, police, education and social work YMCAs deliver a wide range of justice programmes including:

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The fact that YMCA Scotland is just a small part of this huge global youth organisation means that there is a world of opportunity for our young people in learning beyond our shores. Many of our YMCAs will enjoy a range of exchange and learning opportunities in partnership with local YMCAs in other countries.

Last year the Scottish YMCA movement hosted visits from YMCAs in Sweden, USA, Denmark, Ireland, India and England. In turn many Scottish young people travelled far afield  to represent the movement  and to participate in international programmes.

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